What is Functional Neurology?

Using the principles of neuroplasticity to improve the brain and nervous system for the purpose of correcting neurologic problems, preventing neurologic degeneration, and optimizing neurologic performance to improve the quality of life.

About Us

The NeuroLIFE Institute is a leader in the future of health care for improved cognitive function. We have state-of-the-art equipment that allows us to measure the function of your nerve system. Using this equipment we can both assess and address severe nerve system dysfunction and greatly improve a person’s quality of life. We have seen great results in the body’s ability to heal from severe neurological dysfunctions in the detection and removal of interferences to the nerve system. This can give you back the time, energy and the ability to enjoy whatever it is that makes you happy in life.

A team approach to the care of you or your loved ones…

At the NeuroLIFE Institute, we take a team approach to each patient’s care. A team of chiropractic neurologists reviews each case, every step of the way, to determine what the best plan of action for that individual’s case will be. You have the expertise of multiple doctors, not just one.

Our Doctors

Dr. Michael Longyear

Dr. Michael Longyear

Chiropractic Neurological Clinician
Dr. Jonathan Vestal

Dr. Jonathan Vestal


Who Should see a Chiropractic Functional Neurologist?

Concussion and Whiplash

Concussion is a major risk in all sports, from hard-hitting games to non-contact sports. However, diagnosis of concussion can be tricky without a baseline test. Baseline testing gives us information specific to each patient regarding the function of your nerve system. We measure your neurological health along the four domains of balance, cognition, coordination and reaction timing. When you have had an injury and suspect concussion, the baseline test gives us something to compare your results to. With this information we can better assess and treat your injury, while making informed recommendations for when to return to play.


With breakthrough technology like the GyroStimTM, we can improve upon athletic performance. The GyroStimTM can greatly increase balance and reaction time, and could be the difference between making contact with that curve ball or striking out. It will also improve your ability to track objects, and has been said by some professional athletes to “slow the game down.” Optimizing your performance will elevate your game and take your athletic career to the next level.

Complicated Neurological Conditions

We have seen some really remarkable improvements in treating the nerve system and the symptoms involved in a wide spectrum of neurological conditions such as ADHD, Autism, Post-Concussion Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, migraine headaches, balance disorders and many others. With groundbreaking technology, innovative techniques and the most current evaluation around, we can remove the interferences that exist in your nerve system and improve your overall function and health. Our team of doctors will look at every aspect of your health, assessing how diet, posture, your environment and stress may all be playing a part in your condition and how we can optimize them to improve your health and restore your quality of life.