At the Neuro LIFE Institute, we use leading-edge procedures that utilize the science of neuroplasticity, aimed at improving the function of the nerve system, and thus improving a person’s overall quality of life. We combine traditional chiropractic care, extensive nutrition evaluations and counseling and specific functional neurological principles to make drastic, life-altering changes in the health and function of the nerve system.

Throughout our care, state-of-the-art tools measure the health of the nerve system. By measuring your nerve system along the domains of health, such as Cognition, Balance and Coordination, we obtain an up-to-date, accurate picture of the function of your nerve system and determine how that is affecting your entire body. With this data, we can detect the interference causing dysfunction in your nerve system. This interference is called subluxation.

What to expect from your experience…

You will be given a comprehensive exam. We use the latest research and equipment to obtain the best representation of your overall functional neurological health picture. Depending on your condition and personal goals, you will be put through a variable battery of tests that give us the clearest picture of your level of function. Even though some conditions are similar, every person is different, and we take great care in determining what the best course of action will be for your individual case.

Comprehensive Physical and Neurological Examination

We use the most researched and tested methods to examine all of our patients. You can be rest-assured that during your examination procedures, the clinician will be obtaining a comprehensive picture of your overall health. We take great care in analyzing all the systems in your body as it relates to your condition. We thoroughly examine the function and efficiency at every level of your nerve system, which allows us to identify the best way to help you restore or improve your life!


CAPs is Computer Assisted Posturography. This allows us to see, in real-time, how your nerve system is adjusting to the environment around you, as if we are watching your brain at work. By analyzing different data points, CAPs shows us how gravity is affecting your body and how efficiently your nerve system is able to adapt to those forces. It gives us insight into the function of your brain and nerve system by measuring changes in position and posture that would be otherwise undetectable with the human eye.

During a CAPs evaluation, we test your balance on two different platforms. First is a hard, stable platform, and the other on what is referred to as a “perturbated” platform. A pertubated platform removes gravity from the situation and tests a different area of your nerve system. Both of these platforms are tested with your eyes open and with eyes closed. There is no risk of falling during testing. Performing these four tests gives us a view into multiple areas of your nerve system. This is just one piece of the puzzle in regard to your total functional neurological health picture.


VNG is Video Nystagmography. Have you ever heard the saying: “The eyes are the windows to the soul”? Well, that quote is actually pretty accurate if you replace the word soul with brain, or better yet, nerve system. The nerve system is the master system of your body, controlling the actions of every system responsible for keeping you alive. The eyes give us a very direct look at the function of the nerve system.

VNG testing allows us the capability to assess the efficiency of your nerve system by taking a comprehensive look at how the eyes move in different postural positions, as well as during different tasks. During a VNG test, the patient is asked to track objects with their eyes. The patient wears a special set of goggles that allows us to record these subtle eye movements. This gives us the ability to slow down and review your video to ensure that we pick up all the little nuances involved with your eye movements. Eye movements are very fast and meant to be extremely accurate, so little changes in how efficient the eyes are able to track objects is very important. These little changes, or inefficiencies, are hard to see with the naked eye, but with this technology, we are able to identify them. This gives us crucial information as to how well your nerve system is functioning and how it may be affecting your health.


The GyroStimTM is an off-axis rotational device that can be used to improve one’s sense of balance. The Neuro LIFE Institute has a team of chiropractors trained in functional neurology and trained in the utilization of the GyroStimTM to improve balance and enhance neurologic recovery. The GyroStimTM has profound effects on patients with varying levels of neurologic impairment including: concussion injuries, TBI, balance disorders, ADHD, athletic performance and various other neurological conditions. The team of Neuro LIFE Institute doctors will coordinate a progression of sessions using the GyroStimTM that are specific to the individual patient. Typically, sessions are performed at a frequency of one or two times per day for one or two weeks. This program facilitates the principle of neuroplasticity to make profound, lasting improvements in the function of your nerve system.

Interactive MetronomeTM

Interactive MetronomeTM therapy allows us to both assess and care for some very specific areas of the nerve system associated with motor planning (movement), timing, coordination, executive function, emotions and a sense of where your body is in space. These are all core processes in our nerve systems that we developed very early in life. Sometimes, with life’s chronic stressors or with an injury, our nerve system can become uncoordinated. This tool allows us to “sync” up the various areas of the nerve system to ensure they are all working in concert to maximum efficiency. When your nerve is efficient and free of interferences, it can better control and manage your body to be at your optimal functional neurological health.

Neurotherapeutics are a specific form of neuromuscular re-education and rehabilitative exercise aimed at restoring maximal function to your nerve system and body. We use the data from our extensive physical exam and diagnostic tools to build a comprehensive program specific to each individual case. This can include balance exercises, visual exercises, eye movements, postural corrections, cognitive therapies, coordination training, aerobic and anaerobic exercises, as well as many other strategies to get the most out of your care.