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You are absolutely awesome, and our trip here didn’t just bring improvement, it brought us hope!!!
— Steven and Rebecca

We Don't Treat Diseases....

We Treat People!!!

Everyone has a different history and has been exposed to different environments over his or her life.  That is why conditions present differently in different people. No two people are alike.  That is why when we perform a comprehensive exam and develop your care plan we take into account, not only your diagnosis, but your individual presentation.  From the first day we receive your paper work and get started on your case review, we take into account who YOU are and how to best treat YOUR case!!!  


Rebuild from Severe Neurological Conditions

”They found reasons why the concussion symptoms were holding on. They take this to a whole new level in terms of how they look at the brain, and they take a more holistic approach that we just didn’t see anywhere else. [It] made it as easy as possible for my brain and my body to do the healing." 

optimize your nervous system to stay healthy


"18 years ago I had a tennis ball sized brain tumor taken out of my head.  I am in the process of getting that (my short term memory) back and that will be a blessing for everyone!" 

Excel in your sport or in the board room with Neuro-Optimization

"I'm on the U.S. Bobsled team and a 2 time Olympic Medalist.  I had my most recent concussion in January 2015.  I crashed... I was really disoriented.  I was confused, I didn't know what was going on...I went to NeuroLIFE Institute...I had went back to bobsled and my emotional symptoms just got worse and worse...NeuroLIFE Institute helped me connect to my truth so I could be my best self."


Cutting Edge Technologies

We utilize the newest innovations in health care combined with our unique approach to assessing and treating the nervous system to get results with conditions that have not responded to other methods of care.  We incorporate Brain Mapping, NSI, Videonystagmography, and other equipment to get a comprehensive picture of your health.  We then design a personalized program that can include gyrostim, neurofeedback, extensive visual therapies, and many other techniques to help optimize your system.


Never Accept a "New Normal"

Many people suffering from complex conditions are told that there is no more room for improvement, or that "this is as good as it gets, so just get used to it."  We simply don't believe that!!!  We have seen too many miraculous recoveries from conditions that were supposed to be "unbeatable" that we never except a "new normal."  Your body and brain are amazing and have, within them, and amazing capacity to heal!  You just need someone to help you tap into that!!!


Elite Athlete Care 

NeuroLIFE Institute is the official provider for the

United States Bobsled and Skeleton Federation

The Science of Neuroplasticity

Your brain has the ability to be rewired to restore you to a higher level of function than you are currently at.  Wether you are trying to recover from a debilitating disease, or trying to take your performance at work or on the field to the next level, your brain is amazing and can get you there.  Let us show you how the principles of Neuroplasticity can be used to improve your function.