Movement Disorders

 Our bodies are designed to move. Time and time again, research shows how far-reaching the benefits of daily movement can be. However, what happens when movement is unwanted? For millions of people, the loss of control of their body can be extremely frightening and frustrating. Often, subtle signs are missed or ignored until our daily lives are affected.

At the NeuroLIFE Institute, our clinicians are trained to detect subtle signs and symptoms, long before they become disruptive. Using emergent technologies such as Videonysgamography and Computerized Posturography, we can take a look into the health of the brain and nerve system, revealing what your body isn’t telling you yet.

Once we determine what it is that is causing the movement, we develop a personalized program to improve the function of that area in your brain and nerve system.  Rather than covering up the symptoms, while things continue to break down, we get to the root of the problem.

Risk reduction

Sufferers from movement disorders such as Epilepsy, Parkinsonian tremors, cerebellar ataxia, Restless Leg Syndrome and many others, have hope as well. Our unique approach to optimizing the brain and nerve system with tools like the GyroStimTM and Interactive Metronome allows us to make the changes to the brain and nerve system you really need. There is no “one-size-fits-all” care plan for a movement disorder, and our patients benefit from getting customized care that help the brain control the body once again.