Sports Optimization

  At NeuroLIFE Institute, we view performance as the ability to master your environment. Athletes in particular must control their environments to excel in the game. Your brain and nerve system are responsible for assessing your environment, deciding how to control it and then activating the proper movements to do so. Vision, visual processing speed and reaction time all can be improved with a healthier brain and nerve system. Better vision can be developed by improving the function of the areas responsible for processing what you see. Your vision may be great now, but is it as good as it can be? We use advanced equipment and methods to analyze what can be maximized and improved to optimize your performance. Visual Processing Speed is a measure of the way your brain perceives visual input and then reacts to it. Our equipment, such as the GyroStimTM, is used to greatly improve visual processing speed in elite athletes. Reaction time is key in sports.  Your brain should be reacting in milliseconds to respond in sport. We use leading-edge technology and methods to not only improve the speed with which you react, but also the accuracy.  Our equipment measures your reactions in milliseconds, or fractions of a second.  This may not seem like a lot, but at the speed of sport, a couple of milliseconds could translate into a few inches.  When trying to put the bat on the ball, come out of the starting blocks, or make that catch in front of the defender, milliseconds are the difference between success and failure. How much could you benefit if you reacted faster and hit your targets more precisely? By improving all of these neurological aspects, we take all the hard work, sweat and tears you put into being the best and elevate your game to the next level, enabling you to transcend your sport. We have treated professional athletes to take them to the next level, are you doing everything that you can to be at your peak performance? Let us take you there.