Holistic approach that we didn’t find anywhere else
They found reasons why the concussion symptoms were holding on. They take this to a whole new level in terms of how they look at the brain, and they take a more holistic approach that we just didn’t see anywhere else. [It] made it as easy as possible for my brain and my body to do the healing. Whenever someone in the family gets sick or has a traumatic accident, it really does affect the whole family. Seeing the improvements really helps the family feel more hopeful as well. I’m leaving here with a very positive attitude that I will be able to go back to the sports that I love.
— Carmen Kuntz, Concussion
18 years ago I had a tennis ball sized brain tumor taken out of my head. I am in the process of getting that (my short term memory) back and that will be a blessing for everyone! The whole staff here, from the people at the front desk to Dr. Nick and everyone else here, literally you can tell they care.
— Tom, Concussion
I’m on the U.S. Bobsled team and a 2 time Olympic Medalist. I had my most recent concussion in January 2015 it was during a race in Germany. I crashed... I was really disoriented. I was confused I didn’t know what was going on...I went to NeuroLIFE Institute in December of 2015 because I had went back to bobsled and my emotional symptoms just got worse and worse and other symptoms like light sensitivity and sensitivity to noise started returning. NeuroLIFE Institute helped me connect to my truth so I could be my best self.
— Elana Meyers Taylor, Concussion

I saw a difference on day one.
His concussion was mid-October, and symptoms got a little better, but some other problems showed up. He has been suffering for 5 months. He missed five and a half weeks of school after the concussion. I saw a difference on day one, but the most significant was by day two. On day three, after we left the office, I cried because my son was back. I never thought that would happen. His life was interrupted in a big way. School was the main problem. He couldn’t remember anything the teacher would say, and as he would zone back in, he would have a horrible headache.
— Kelly Noble, mother of Rease Noble Post-Concussion Syndrome
The first moment of the rest of my life. Dr. Longyear did a thorough physical examination as well as x-rays on Monday morning August 28, 2014. That was the first moment of the rest of my life. On Wednesday morning, I felt sensation on the soles of my feet, the first time in fifteen years.
— Gary Pederson Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia

You are absolutely awesome, and our trip here didn’t just bring improvement, it brought us hope!!!
— Steven and Rebecca

I’ve been to many, many doctors. I’ve had three surgeries on my neck this year. All of them could help, but only could help so far. I’ve suffered debilitating migraines, with severe pain in my head and neck. Coming to Neuro Life Midtown, I’ve been able to move my head further and I’ve been able to concentrate better than ever before. Thank you.
— Sylvia S.